Friday, July 17, 2009

Create Me Anew, Oh Lord!


I know that right now you're needing some relief
Your soul is heavy and burdened from all your grief
'Cause when your heart dies it feels like the pain becomes Chief
Your life went from vibrant green to the dead rancidity of an autumn leaf

But let me tell you somethin':

I know someone who can make it all better
His name is J.C. and He's freed ya from your fetters
Its not like you have to read a special prayer or write him a letter
He already knows; so tell him; it doesn't matter how, just however
Yeah, He's not only gonna make you better

He's given you life; not just life but the divine life too
Yeah He's been whipped, nailed, scared, just so He could give that to you!


My spirit's aching
And racked with pain
My heart's broken
And full of shame

But you've called me
To be your own
I'll respond with
"Yes, I am yours LORD!"

My heart is whole now
For in you
All things are one, united
And created new

© Emily Loring Smith 2009

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